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Koldrah Orc Leader

That sweet and salty scent of summer, only to be smelt near the sea, was working it’s magic on this land loving orc named Koldrah. His eyes lit as he surveyed moonlit sparkling water that stretched forever beyond the sleeping, unsuspecting human village at its shore. Behind him were his twenty three axe wielding warriors, all crazed with hunger.


“Now is the time for the sacrifice.” Said Koldrah. “Bring Azguard to the pit.” This ceremony always awoke a conflict inside him. For its cowardly nature of killing an innocent without giving him the right to fight for his life on one hand. But on the other hand he could remember standing by his father Koldrahd and his grandfather Koldrah. Their eyes would light up as their God, Kahul The Punisher, would reward them with power.


He walked into the enormous pit dug by the twenty three warriors to hide the fire from the enemy. Every orc warrior he passed slammed the dragonbone armor protecting his chest, then touched two fingers to forehead, lowering their head in salute, they began a monotonous chant, praising Kahul.


A few steps from the pyre, stood Takdor the human shaman. Covered in his long black hood from head to foot, holding his staff. Koldrah examined the staff again. It was made of twisted Kylreen steel twice forged and had three red gemstones symbolizing the three Govish stones of power. Only one of those gems now lit up. Koldrah knew this to be a sign of the closeness of a Govish.


“My spy was correct.” Said Takdor pointing to the glowing gem. His frightening orange eyes shone gleaming even from under that thick hood. Each pupil was shaped as an orange line stretched over the whole eye ball. “The stone is in the village.” He Said.


Koldrah hated the human shaman, who always made him do things that he himself deemed evil. But he had to admit that much of the power he had gained was due to those evil deeds. “It seems so.” Said Koldrah. It would have been better if the spy could also warn them of the guards spread around the village. But of course Takdor’s spies only brought the information they were paid to bring.


Azguard tied down to the pyre, was silent. Koldrah could see the cuts on his neck that had expertly cut his vocal chords without killing him. He gurgled when he saw Koldrah approach, his eyes widening in fear. His whole body beginning to shake. Koldrah could feel the waves of fear that flowed out of Azguard uncontrollably washing his soul before the ceremony.


Azguard had fought fairly well for a novice, taking down Farroth son of Farrot the fearless. He shouted again and again for Yollk Hammer Born his God, but Yollk did not answer. When he was finally subdued as his leg was cut almost clean off. He cried a female name, ‘Daria or Aria was it?’ Koldrah could not remember. “It’s no use asking you the name of your lady now is it?” Said Koldrah. The mention of her brought pain into Azguard’s soft human eyes. “No matter. She will join you soon when we take the village.”


It had taken all of Koldrah’s strength and leadership to hold Farrot The Fearless back from slaying Azguard. Koldrah could now see Farrot sitting at the edge of the pit with his back to the ceremony. He refused to participate, wanting his chance for revenge. Koldrah would have to deal with this later.


Takdor placed his hand on Azguard’s forehead. “Fear Kahul and praise him. For your God Yollk has fallen before him as well.” Said Takdor the shaman, as he picked up the light stone and lit the pyre. His orange pupils shone now with greater force.


Koldrah Stood and watched as the prisoner gurgled and squirmed in the magical smokeless silver flame that consumed him. When only ash was left, the flame spelt a Kooprah which he committed to memory. He would use that Kooprah in his next fight and then it would be his. He wondered excitedly what would be its power. Touching the flame it climbed up his arm and flowed into his chest. The power that his ancestors had enjoyed was his.