Tied to two posts, hands outstretched with an enchanted rope that can only be cut by a Mythril knife forged with dragon fire in the dwarven cities. Apstrum was shy of 25 and after 10 years of magic study in Gautmerry towers. The only thing keeping him from escaping was that damned enchanted rope disabling his magic.


After adventuring with a group for a year, the group broke up in the worst possible way. Apstrum and Thoius both fell in love with Dieardra. Dieardra chose Thoius and Apstrum was heart broken believing her choice made due to him being only Half Elven when Thoius was pure Sondern Elf.


Wandering alone and heartbroken, he was hired by the Goblins to go spy on the Humans in the caves and get vital information. Being heartbroken and basically starving he agreed to take this mission, after Cluivnolk the Goblin promised that they would not use the information to hurt the Humans.


Later he got himself hired by the Koekeg to aid their battle against the Goblins. After his stomach was full he realized what a mistake he had made in dealing with the Goblins and decided to welch on his agreement with them (Although he did keep the coins they had paid him).


After his first watch backing up the Koekeg warriors and a bloody battle that left him emotionally scarred and afraid, he tried to escape. “Forgetting” to return the years pay that was given to him up front.


Now awaiting his judgment which would not be short of losing a limb, his only light was Tat Fisc. She snuck into his chamber almost every day asking questions of the outside world and his adventures. Although she did call him “Traitor.” And “Coward” instead of using his real name, strengthening what he felt about himself. He still enjoyed her presence, with him being so lonely. And when she came close leaning on him and whispering in his ear so the guards outside the room wouldn’t know she was there, he enjoyed the warmth of her body and the smell of her hair.


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