Tat Fisc

Tat’s parents have seen the snow come 17 times since her birth on the plains of Alun. She was born when the Koekag fled the planes. The Goblin Horde Massacring them as they ran. Her name was given in accordance with this date meaning small revenge. The great priestess of Koek gave it to her seeing the glowing orange mark that marred the baby’s left cheek.  The priestess prophesied that she is the Kogether as was written in the ancients scribe and will lead them back to their homeland.


Her skin is white from cave life and her body thin from lack of food. Black curls jump gayly atop her head and her eyes make others feel joy inside. She wears leather of the Anticuog to keep her warm. You will never find her without her spear which was given to her at birth. The Abcadaver, Hope of the frozen hells. She nicknamed it Abic.


When she found out about her birth, the prophecy and the terrible birthmark on her left cheek, she felt angry. It made her different from the other kids and being different was never a good thing in a small society. Her way of dealing with the abuse she got was through pranks and laughter. But always inside the hate kept burning and she would secretly plan her revenge on the abusers.


Her dream is to see the outside world. Out of these miserable dusky caves. But her parents would never allow it. To see a tree or even a Goblin! That would be the day.


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