Gixlex Groundwrench

Gixlex Groundwrench is 403 years old. Goblin years that is, so it can range from 200 to 600 human years.


She is thin and bony for a goblin. Her eyes are veined red and bloodshot. Yellow teeth protrude clumsily from her bottom lip. Her smile is unpleasant and her gaze is uncomfortable.


She takes pride in her human skin covered hut, centered in her village, lined with human skulls and smeared with their blood. Her great pot is always swirling with dense green smoke spilling over its edges.


She would never give it up but she loves it when goblins come for her advice and help. Without them she is nothing but a lonely wretch. Being a witch doctor has its pluses, like great power and dark magic, but the loneliness of not being allowed marriage and children has always left her unhappy.


She is old enough to remember the old days, when the Goblin kind still hid in the caves. Now the Humans are the ones who hide. The foul Humans with their cleanliness, beautiful clothes, perfect faces and pointy swords.
She dons a blood red cape made of broken bones and magically held together in a green aura. Her staff is intertwined wood with an open mouthed screaming skull on top. Her purple skin hangs off her bones, holding on by her scarred bald head.


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